Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Day 2: still no position

I was shorter this time than yesterday, and I didn't get into asking the staffer on the phone his own opinion.

I simply asked whether the Congressman (John Faso, NY-19) had yet taken a position on whether the president is above the law.

"There is no statement about that yet."


"Could I get your comment for the Congressman about that?"

"Yes. I want to know what he thinks about the president declaring he has the power to pardon himself, and that he has the power to shut down any investigation at any time, for any reason, including an investigation of himself. That is the essence of dictatorial power, and I'd really like to know the congressman's views on it."


"I plan to call every day until I have an answer."

"OK. Could I have your name?"

Gave him my name, from Oneonta. Didn't bother leaving my email. We'll be talking again tomorrow.

Day 3's conversation is here.

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