Ecological macro

Here's my take on how to understand macroeconomics in the context of ecosystems--as I sometimes say, "Macroeconomics as if the physical world existed."

I'm rolling it out chapter by chapter, in video form--not very high production values, just a narrated PowerPoint, but with lots of pretty pictures to hopefully carry the ideas along.

Individual posts give a sense of what the chapter's about, and then provide links to YouTube.


And please let me know what you think, either in comments or by email.


Part I: Economies and Ecosystems
Chapter 1: Economies, resources, and ecology
Chapter 2: Ecosystems: energy and matter
Chapter 3: Complex adaptive systems
Chapter 4: The physical structure of the economy
Chapter 5: Long-run physical evolution
Chapter 6: Social evolution of the economy
Chapter 7: Money
Chapter 8: Assets and banking
Chapter 9: Government
Chapter 10: The economy as a complex adaptive system

Part II: Measurement and tools
Chapter 11: The National income and product accounts (NIPA)
Chapter 12: Inflation
Chapter 13: Unemployment
Chapter 14: Supply and demand
Chapter 15: Aggregate supply and aggregate demand

Part III: Economic growth
Chapter 16: Physical causes of growth
Chapter 17: Institutional supports of growth
Chapter 18: Trade
Chapter 19: The Industrial Revolution

Part IV: Business cycles
Chapter 21: The circular-flow model
Chapter 22: Causes of recessions
Chapter 23: Fiscal policy
Chapter 24: Monetary policy
Chapter 25: Problems of policy

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