Thursday, April 27, 2017

Faso by phone

I just got off the phone with Faso's office.

He still doesn't have a position (or at least, not a position he's willing to inform his constituents about).

"There's talk of a vote tomorrow. Will he have a position by then?"

"Talk's talk. If you have information from the House leadership, please share it."

"Well, no, I'm not talking to Paul Ryan. But tell me this: will he vote on the bill if it comes up before the CBO has had a chance to score it?"

"We don't have an answer for that. He's examining the bill in its entirety."

"But this is a different question. It seem like it would be a bad idea to vote on something like this without having an outside analysis of it."

Still no answer as to whether he would vote on a bill that the CBO hadn't had a chance to score.

In the end, we parted less amicably than on other calls.

Sarcastically asking private citizens if they've got secret info from House leadership is not wonderful constituent relations.

(This is not my first go-round with Faso's office: see here, here, and here.)

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