Friday, July 15, 2016

Political thrill-seekers wanted

I was talking with my family today about Trump's VP pick of Mike Pence and relaying something I'd read about how the supposedly "safe" choice of Pence might be a disaster (because he's not quick on his feet in response to tough questions, and as Trump's running mate he will surely be put on the hot seat being asked whether he agrees with this or that crazy / offensiveness / disturbing thing Trump has said.

I mentioned how this was going to be such an entertaining political season.

"Yeah, except that it could actually happen," observed my wife.

"True. It's kinda like the country as a whole is engaged in a giant act of political bungee jumping."

"Right," says our son from the back seat of the car, "and half the country is holding a pair of scissors."

Scissors by dabnotu
Try these.

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